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Because your organization must prepare for the challenges to come, Pacific Ventury Business brings you its expertise.

To address fundamental issues that impact or will impact your organization, we design adapted workshops to help your teams understand the current context, human fundamentals and develop positive and effective leadership.

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Making connections

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"A dynamic and inclusive way to facilitate that allows each and everyone to get ones space, express oneself & pursue ones own reflection."

Asking good questions

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"The content of the workshop allows you to ask yourself who you truly are".

Helping to grow confidence 

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"This workshop helped me to grow self-confidence and to grow hope for my Future."

Leadership Workshop

Leadership: an introduction

Understanding the true concept of leadership and what it is to be a leader is talking about change, collaborative challenges and taking a step up from daily management that prevent us sometimes to build a long term vision.

This workshop brings a clear vocabulary around leadership and help to start a « balcony view » perspective to build a vision and a legacy for the organization.

Clearly distinguish Management & Leadership
Understand the impact of individual and collaborative choices
Helping the organisation to build a vision, a legacy
Helping the organiseation to stand in a long term perspective


Prices on demand

Leadership Workshop

Toxic v. Ethical Leadership

Leadership is a tool to help individuals develop their capacities to inspire and motivate a group through a given vision.

But like any tool, it is the use that is made of it that gives the tool positive or negative capabilities. Therefore, when misused, leadership can be harmful and develop “toxic” situations to the detriment of individuals.

Understanding and identifying the mechanisms leading to toxic leadership is fundamental to being able to avoid or combat it.

This workshop therefore focuses on the elements and causes of toxic leadership and offers tools to deal with these situations.

Understanding the mechanisms and keys of the toxic leader
Know how to objectively identify a toxic situation
Avoiding individual biases and biases
Put in place preventive measures or action against a toxic situation


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Leadership Workshop

Empathic Leadership

In this fast-paced world that is evolving quickly with artificial intelligences that are more and more present in our daily lives, we should ask ourselves the question: what makes us humans? And what advantage do we have in being human?

The leaders of tomorrow have the need and the obligation to refocus on people so that their organization is as dynamic as possible.

Through a theoretical framework, we give the keys to leaders and managers to become an "empathetic leader"

A new leadership model more and more followed and applied by the leaders of the whole world: to establish its interactions with the others on the basis of our empathic capacities, which benefits? what risks?
Through case studies, learn to develop your empathetic leadership

4 Hours

Price on demand

Leadership Workshop

Create the Future today

It can sound a bit obvious to say that any organization is heading towards its future. Nonetheless scarce are seminars and workshops focusing on projection and to people’s ability to not only dream but shape the future sharper enough to be able to generate efficient actions to make it happen.

This workshop is about giving employees tools to identify major constraints to come and design potential and possible outcomes and decisions to reach these outcomes.

Develop people’s ability to project and to take part of future projects and prepare them for change.
Create a personal implication into company’s projects and enhance people’s adaptivity.

4 Hours

Price on demand

Leadership Assistance

Executive Coaching

This service is dedicated to top managers and executives.

Pacific Ventury is on your sides for a specific period of time during your daily work to help you build your own leadership style and build working tools designed by and for you.

A service based on our diverse international experience to help you become a leader of tomorrow.

Helping top managers and executives to develop their own leadership style
Build trust and confidence in positions of high responsibilities
Include modern leadership models into daily management

1h30 per session

Price on demand

Human Development Workshop

Develop a collective motivation

Motivation is a complex notion implying personal will as well as collaboration in teams, whether vertically or horizontally.
Traditionally, motivation is too often seen as just the « carotte & stick » technic deemed to be the most useful one.

Through this workshop, we will review all the components of personal motivation whether at work or in life in general.

Through reflective workshops, experience sharing and calling out the latest researches on this topic, participants will have to face their own level of motivation and personal accomplishments to help them having a better understanding of motivation and then maximise its benefits.

Generate a clearer awareness of one’s motivation and give participants tools to identify their level of motivation and thus maximise it on a daily basis.

4 Hours

Price on demand

Leadership Workshop

Servant & Invitational Leadership

The world changes. This sounds like a truism but we sometimes tend to forget or understand it. Organisation are human groups that work the same way as an individual.

It’s then important to understand the mechanisms of evolution at a human scale to understand how live and evolve organisation while facing today’s challenges.

This workshop provides tools and answers to questions around a perpetual changing word and helps to narrow down the misunderstanding of the world of tomorrow.

Understanding the mechanisms of evolution
Take a step out of the traditional or biased vision on the notions of change and evolution
Create some ease and comfort for individuals in a world of uncomfort

4 Hours

Price on demand