Who Are we?

Pacific Ventury was created in early 2015.

Our mission is to support organizations and individuals in understanding the world of today and the human challenges of tomorrow.

We thus support organizations in the change by helping them to understand the complexity of our world and of humans and, on this basis, to develop an intentional, open and impactful leadership.

Our services are available internationally but mainly focused on Asia and the Pacific.

We are able to offer services in English and French and always operate with awareness of the cultural environment of your organization.

Our goal: help you navigate efficiently in this changed world

Pacific Ventury is an activist company that places knowledge, people and diversity at the center of its approach.

We provide you with the most recent tools and concepts resulting from the latest scientific research, societal thinking and technological innovations to create a space within your work environment allowing individuals to discover their potentials and reflect on who they really are.

Our work is framed by the following values : Respect, Innovation, Inclusion, Compassion.


Our team


Philippe Lemonnier

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Founder Pacific Ventury Corporation

Mentor, Consultant, Disruptive Tutor

Main topics of interest: Leadership, Human development, Futures, Innovation



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Partner Pacific Ventury Corporation

Teacher, Educator

Main topics of interest

 Human development, New technologies, Learning & Pedagogy


Hira Siddiqui

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Editor of "The Global Tiller"

Journalist, Storyteller

Main topics of interest: Diversity, Storytelling, Critical thinking & Trend analysis

Alexia Solari

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Creative Manager

Graphic designer

Main topics of interest:

Audiovisual, Graphism, Teamwork, Communication

Kimly Vecker

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Communication Manager

Event organizer

Main topics of interest:

Reading, Beach, Happy hour 

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From our clients' perspective


The originality of this workshop lies in the questioning that it implies! It shakes things up, deconstruct & lead to new ideas.


I wish to inspire people & lead them in their work. Being able to better understand my role in the organization will allow me to better assist others in their own development.