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What's up with us?

If you want to know what's happening right now at Pacific Ventury Corporation, you're on the right spot!

Our projects, updates, news from our team & community... and all our disruptive actions to change the world!


Podcast, Media

Pacific Toks - A podcast about global challenges from a Pacific perspective

The world is changing fast and strong. And it doesn't change evenly for everyone. In the Pacific, what will be the impact of global challenges for Pacific islands?
Learn more as you listen to our conversation with leaders from the broader Pacific. Change your perspective by hearing ideas coming out of our islands and find innovative solutions to get ready for tomorrow.

Company, Communication

Our website gets a refresher

Following the reorganization of the company, our website has been completely renewed to reflect this new organization.
The platform is more accessible, easier to access to the essential: our rich and diverse contents and offers.
Feel free to navigate around and tell us what you think!


Pacific Ventury becomes Pacific Ventury Corporation

After 5 years as a single-owned company, Pacific Ventury is becoming a shareholding company.
Philippe Lemonnier, the founder of Pacific Ventury, is joined by Tamatea Lenoel, a long time friend, to continue to grow the company and lead new projets

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