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Curious tours

When our shared space question us

What is it?

The Curious tours are an invitation to reflect and thing in our collective spaces: what if everyday places questioned us? If our remarkable places, if our artefacts and our cultural places were a source of questions rather than answers?

The Curious Tours take you to your usual places and immerse you in a journey made up of questions. Alone or in a team, let yourself be carried away by reflection and rediscover our common places. A great opportunity to find a way to reflect on the world around us and to rebuild a connection with your our spaces, beyond their useful function.


Don't wait any longer and check out here when is our next Curious tour

Ancre 1

How about a Curious tour straight from your couch?

In 2020, our collective spaces became closed to us, to our musards and marauding.


To maintain the link and the reflection, the Curious tours have moved online. Find below the first editions:

Want to get your own Curious tour for your organization?


Want an original way to engage people in your organization, what if you organize a curious Tour?

Contact us to benefit from our services: design, preparation and animation, we do the work to offer you a curious Tour adapted to your organization (theme, place, duration ...).

Get your teams out of their desks and send them for a walk in the world of reflection!

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