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To act is to be a leader

Leaders know what to do...

"Leaders know what to do when no one else knows what to do".

This quote mostly means that leaders  are action-oriented people. They don't wait for others to do, they get engaged to help their communities.

Because leaders have a vision they know how to implement meaningful & concrete actions that will impact positively all the members of their communities.

Pacific Ventury strongly believes in this statement of a action-based and contextual leadership. We have developed all the tools to help you grow a meaningful and engaged leadership.

With you, on the ground for action

Our workshops, famous for their positive and empathetic dynamic will allow you to involve all your teams & develop leadership at every levels of your organization.

Building a shared language & shared tools you will be able to ease dialogue & offer your teams an opportunity for positive cooperation on fundamental topics for human beings.

Our programs & workshops are designed with you to tailor the proper solution for your organization's needs.

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An opportunity for everyone to grow

If the heart of our work lies in working within organizations, to focus on contextual leadership, we are committed to help every community, every individual.

We organize, very regularly, open workshops (online & on-site) for everyone on human development (Enneagram, Individual Growth Strategy...) to giver the opportunity to all of those looking to grow by themselves, to develop their own leadership.

Our open workshops are frequently scheduled and all information available on our events page. 

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The Pacific Ventury Academy

Growing your leadership, one click at a time

We lived in a changed world, where on-site learning is no longer always the most convenient option. To make sure that, despite those changes, you can continue to grow and develop your organization, Pacific Ventury as created its on-line Academy.

You can find most of our workshops & working topics on leadership and human development on this Academy.

Designed courses that you can follow at your pace, quizes to assess your progress, a personalized assistance... and the ability to develop a mix of online & on-site programs.

Support the global human development

Your organization is looking to be engaged in the global community?

You are  convinced that informing and training are key responsibilities for your organization?

Support our actions!

If our work inspires you, if you want to contribute to the human community we're building, show your support & appreciation!

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