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Lifelong learning

Leaders are learners

Pacific Ventury strongly believes that leaders, whatever their positions, learn consistently.

At work, at home, every experience, every reading, every conversation is a source of learning.

To assist you in this experience of a lifelong learning, we provide you all the necessary tools to learn permanently.

For you or your organization, our newsletters plans bring you analysis, news, ideas & recommendations for you to stay in touch effortlessly with a changing world.

Going deeper and further, our podcasts & blog posts provide you deep questions, analysis & ideations for free to help you think & question the world around you.

Understand the world in your own way

There's obviously one of our newsletters that will fit your needs.

Stay informed at your pace: Monthly, Weekly (1 or 2 times perweek).

Stay Informed in your way: deep analysis per industry, good & practical ideas for human development in your organization.

Stay informed at your scale: individually, organizations of any size... our offers are tailored for you!

Various plans but all focused on one goal: help you understand the world of today & tomorrow

Weekly global & thematic analysis  from our international editor

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Our Podcast

The best way to learn while walking...

On each episode, meet entrepreneurs, business executives to try to decipher their recipe for success, their mistakes and their vision for the Future.

Through questions, sometimes funny sometimes engaging if not tough, our guests will have the opportunity to share with you the richness of their minds, the heart of their motivations, the source of their commitment.

Our world changes permanently, even more so recently. So why not trying to find out what tomorrow will look like: by talking to those who will create the solutions and trends of tomorrow!

Our Blogs

Understand the present to anticipate the Futures

In a leader's life, it's not always easy to find time to pause, think, write and envision the Future...

Nevertheless, this is a fundamental task to accomplish that allows the leader to develop his/her vision and thus: bring clarity and confidence to his/her community.

To help you develop your reflections & analysis, we share ours... for free!

Go & Discover:

- "Le Blog": reflections & analysis on leadership & human development by Pacific Ventury

- "Oceania Prospective": prospective storytelling - learn about the potential futures through news articles from 2040, 2050...


Support the Future of Leadership

Do you wish to show your commitment to the global community?

Are you convinced that taking part in the development of today's & tomorrow's leaders is part of your organization's social responsibility?

Then help us bring & share our services to most of the people. 

If you become one of our advertisers's you will be able to support our newsletters & podcasts and help us maintain our services available to everyone!

Don't hesitate to contact us to discover our sponsoring plans or if you want more information.

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