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Leaders take care of their communities

Together we go further...

No leader exists on one's own. Any leader exists through a a community they will be engaged with and will share their goals and vision.

Belonging to a community is fundamental and one needs to understand its values, culture...

That's why Pacific Ventury is engaged to activate communities, whether ours or yours. Through our #Curiouscommunities initiative & many other commitments we do our best to bring our best to everyone.


Because being curious is a great skill

Created in 2019, #Curiouscommunities are a set of different event formats aiming to generate conversations & positive exchanges to help everyone discover, through each other, questions and fundamental questions of our world.

From rediscovering our spaces to engaging times and conversations fueling curiosity, there is for sure one of our #curious event that will attract you!

A unique opportunity to activate your local community.

#Curiouscommunities can be organized worldwide under license from Pacific Ventury.

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Your ideas are valuable

Pacific Ventury is also an open ideas project.

If our services are the outcome of important research & development following hours of deep work, a lot of our themes and tools come tailored as a result of exchanges & conversations with members of our community.

Beyond helping you to grow, we grow with and thanks to you.

So join our community & come share your ideas, reflections & questions to take the best of our collective intelligence.


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Take part of a regional & global community


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Support the global community of leaders

Is your organization looking to be engaged in the global community?

Are you convinced that activating the global community and encourage global exchanges is part of your organization's social responsibility?

Support our actions!

If our initiatives inspire you, if you want to contribute & help us build this global community, show your support & appreciation!

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