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AI helps you build your 2020 new year's resolutions

The following text have been produced with the assistance of an AI software.

The sentences in bold are written by Pacific Ventury. The rest is generated by the AI.

So when we turn to the machines to help us manage our new year, this is the result:

" A new year is coming, it's usually the time for good resolutions. But these are often vague and impossible to stick to.

Some clear resolutions to make:

  • Read every single Fifty Shades book in its entirety and reject any story that doesn't resemble a romance.

  • Go to a gala event and get a "happy hour" where you sit and talk to all the women you hate and obsess with and listen to the guys you'd like to kill. (I would suggest the Black Swan cocktail party, but that will leave you too fat to hit the gym.)

  • Watch a male chef make a woman's burger.

  • Follow me on Twitter

Now the point is, how to make those new year's resolutions last the all year and make sure they are deep enough for self-improvement?

Well, the very first rule is, never, ever start from scratch.

Whenever you embark on a new endeavor, don't try to change what you have already done.

If you have a successful business, don't try to make a new business successful.

If you've done tons of things on self-improvement, why start again from scratch?

The second rule is, you have to have a clear and exact goal before you begin.

Otherwise, your plans will often never come to fruition.

What's that goal?

Because it's obvious that having a goal will help you last longer as you'll know why you're doing all this. They'll know why you're keeping your budget straight.

Often, I'll be in a similar situation as this in terms of having a goal or a strategy that works for me. A lot of people don't know how to set up a goal or make decisions that help you stick to it, and will always think that they should stop at the $8 an hour.

That's not how goal setting works. The more goals you set, the better your opportunity to succeed and the more goals you set, the more your business and your life will be focused on getting better.

It's about goals and better way.

Now what's your better way? It's important not to follow the trends or what you've seen on Internet. So we're here to give you the complete information. Let us be the order for you. We've passed those habits that we have never done ourselves. We are exactly where we should be."

Anyway don't be too hard on yourself as the year start. Eventually the new year is nothing more than a milestone that we decide to take seriously. I suppose in a year where all three of us seem to be having fun with our lives, this is just another attempt to prove us right. The conclusion is that we will make the most of the new year and do something with it. It's been a lot of work, so we'll see how the new year goes! What I'm sure everyone will agree on is that life is much more exciting when we make good choices. The strength of the new year proves that we don't need to have the best life possible. We don't have to struggle and do things we don't want to do, in order to make ourselves happy."

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