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Toll of terror

We are not lacking symbols when it comes to defining the 20-year War on Terror that the United States and its allies inflicted on Afghanistan, and if the sight of multiple men falling to their deaths from an American aircraft fleeing Kabul doesn’t capture the senseless violence that the people of Afghanistan have endured, I don’t know what does.

Back to school

Parents around most countries of the world are preparing for their children to go back to school. If you are in Tahiti, you are nervously hoping for the best as case numbers and hospitalisations soar. If you’re in Pakistan, you are putting off buying your child a school uniform considering they outgrew last year’s without wearing it once.

Point of sail

In today’s issue, we take a look back at some of our reflections on the trends we foresaw at that time and how they have actually turned out.

Digital nomads

This week, The Global Tiller follows the journey of digital nomads to see how prevalent this phenomenon is. Who does it benefit and what are the pitfalls of this unusual freedom? Does it have the potential to become a global trend or will it stay restricted among the top 10 passports?

Lying flat

This week in The Global Tiller, we learn about 'tang ping’, a new lifestyle gaining popularity in China, much to the displeasure of its government. We find out what makes it a compelling choice that could potentially become a thorn in the side for other governments too. When we feel helpless in the face of mounting crises, isn’t lying low the only form of resistance left?

Pet pals

This week in The Global Tiller, we take a look at how the pandemic has impacted the pet industry and, more specifically, our pets. What are some challenges facing pet owners as life slowly returns to 'normal'? Does pet ownership mean something different to you than it did to your parents?

Tyranny of aid

This week in The Global Tiller, we take a closer look at how foreign aid flows around the world. We also zoom in on the Pacific where aid plays a unique geopolitical role. As new players enter the donor category, how will it impact the region and what can poor countries do to ensure their development happens organically, like it did in the case of Empress Market and not haphazardly orchestrated by the big players based on their warped understanding of what development looks like?

Going nowhere with G7

This week, The Global Tiller will take a look at what was on the agenda at the G7 Summit and the underwhelming commitments announced at the end. Is it naive of us to expect such elite and disconnected cliques to determine the fate of our future?

Spotting UFOs

This week in The Global Tiller, we are hunting for UFOs. Or as they are now called, unexplained aerial phenomena. We take a look at why everyone is talking about them now. Are we really getting visits from some other lifeforms or are they just some military gadgets gone awry?

Time to go?

This week in The Global Tiller, we examine a new kind of challenge facing organisations: how to balance four different generations working together at the same time. What happens when such drastically different world views collide?

Time out

If you ask me if I would willingly spend 40 days underground in a dark and damp cave, I would take a hard pass. But 15 men and women jumped to this opportunity last month and spent 40 days in the Lombrives cave in Ariège, France.

Checking in on Covid

This week, The Global Tiller checks in on Covid-19, a virus that's hell bent on travelling the world, getting a makeover in every country that's hosted it long enough.

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