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Choice is right

This week, The Global Tiller examines the recent US Supreme Court decision on abortion and what it means for the rest of the world. We take a look at how other countries fare in terms of abortion rights for women and how banning abortion poses an even serious threat of state surveillance.

Caution: too hot

The Global Tiller takes a look at the heatwave gripping most of the northern hemisphere, what havoc it is causing in these soon-to-become uninhabitable cities, and what is the scale of intervention needed to reverse it.

Download a house

So for our friends, and anyone else who’s struggling to find the right house, The Global Tiller looks at 3D-printed houses this week. We examine how far this technology has come and how global its spread is? Will 3D-printed houses resolve our housing crisis once and for all?

Do you Davos?

The global elite has gathered at Davos this week and we’re trying to see if any good will come out. This week, The Global Tiller reviews the ongoing World Economic Forum. We’ll take a look at what’s on the agenda and who is in attendance. Why are the "A-listers" avoiding the gathering and if it’s still relevant in a world suffering from stark global inequalities?

Hiding behind our waste

Join us in this week’s The Global Tiller to see how waste pickers across the world play an essential role in waste management yet remain largely unseen. How can their rights be addressed to ensure a just transition towards a sustainable future?

100 and counting

The Global Tiller is really a passion project for the both of us. It’s a way for us to make sense of what’s going on and declutter the news. It’s a way for us to reflect on what’s changing around the world and figuring out how it impacts us, not just two individuals living on a beautiful island but global citizens who are impacted by global trends just as much as someone living on a bustling continent.

Beware of bossware

This week, The Global Tiller dives into "bossware" — the technology giving rise to employee surveillance during the pandemic. We look into how the technology allows companies to monitor their employees’ activities, how it impacts their performance, and what actions are being taken to regulate this practice.

I belong

This week in The Global Tiller, we examine what statelessness is and how does one become stateless. We also take a look at the global #IBelong campaign that aims to end statelessness by 2024 and what are some challenges that stand in the way.

Eating blues

Join us in this week’s The Global Tiller as we take a look at blue food and what the blue food movement is trying to achieve. Which regions are leading the charge and what are some questions that can guide our understanding of sustainable foods?

This week in The Global Tiller, we check in on artificial intelligence and see how far it has come along. What is it capable of and what are some areas where it’s still defeated by humans? We also look at the urgent conversations that need to happen as AI technology improves enough that computers are actually able to cook our dinners at home.