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Every week, The Global Tiller comes right into your Email to brings you deep analyses, overview and reflections on today's world, one topic at a time.

We thrive to provide you a clear understanding of our world from a unique point-of-view that you won't find on main stream channels!

Monsoon on steroids

This week, The Global Tiller looks at the devastating floods that have hit Pakistan this summer and what caused them. What is the scale of the disaster, what is the scale of intervention needed and what are some reliable sources through which to send help to the flood victims.

A change for all

We hope this week’s newsletter shows an alternative, a way to take action that could address all of these seemingly disconnected issues. Join The Global Tiller this week to look at the Earth4all initiative and what are some major policy changes it proposes for an equitable future. How does it fit into the broader degrowth discourse and what can we do to push for it?

Effectiveness of effective altruism

If you find yourself having the same kind of questions, you may be attracted to Effective Altruism, a movement to do more good in the most good way possible. This week’s The Global Tiller examines what the effective altruism movement is about, why is it becoming popular and what are some issues making this movement not-so-effective?

Comeback of polio

Today, The Global Tiller looks at places that had successfully eradicated polio but are seeing a resurgence. Why is polio making a comeback and what does it look like for those who have been living with the disease?

Sri Lanka's struggle

Join us in this week’s The Global Tiller as we dig into that very reason. What caused the crisis in Sri Lanka to grow to these proportions and where is it headed? How does it impact the region and what lessons can other countries learn?

State of science

This week, The Global Tiller looks at the 2022 findings of the 3M-sponsored State of Science Index Survey and compare how trust in science compares across different parts of the world. What are some issues that respondents believe should be prioritised and can we really trust corporations that have caused so much mistrust to begin with?

Choice is right

This week, The Global Tiller examines the recent US Supreme Court decision on abortion and what it means for the rest of the world. We take a look at how other countries fare in terms of abortion rights for women and how banning abortion poses an even serious threat of state surveillance.