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Spotting UFOs

This week in The Global Tiller, we are hunting for UFOs. Or as they are now called, unexplained aerial phenomena. We take a look at why everyone is talking about them now. Are we really getting visits from some other lifeforms or are they just some military gadgets gone awry?

Time to go?

This week in The Global Tiller, we examine a new kind of challenge facing organisations: how to balance four different generations working together at the same time. What happens when such drastically different world views collide?

Time out

If you ask me if I would willingly spend 40 days underground in a dark and damp cave, I would take a hard pass. But 15 men and women jumped to this opportunity last month and spent 40 days in the Lombrives cave in Ariège, France.

Checking in on Covid

This week, The Global Tiller checks in on Covid-19, a virus that's hell bent on travelling the world, getting a makeover in every country that's hosted it long enough.

Welcome to 2040

This week The Global Tiller and our French newsletter, Te Hoe, travel to the year forecasted by this report. We examine closely the different scenarios it presents for our future and what we can do to guide our path towards the least destructive option.

Evolution 2.0

This week’s The Global Tiller looks into CRISPR, the new technology that will make this possible. We find out what CRISPR is, what it has been used for and what can we potentially achieve with it.

One year on

The Global Tiller has turned one! We wrote our first issue on April 1, 2020, thinking that if it doesn’t do well, we could always pass it off as an April Fool’s joke. Luckily, we didn’t need to do that.

Songs of the future

Join us in this week’s The Global Tiller as we take a look at what’s happening in the music industry and where it is heading in the future.

Plastic is everywhere

This week in The Global Tiller, we take a look at how far plastic has travelled, how it impacts us, and how recycling may not be enough to reverse its negative impact. What impact do individual actions even have on this global crisis?

Live a new language

This week in The Global Tiller, we explore how we learn new languages and what impact it has on our brains as well as our perceptions. Is there a key to a more tolerant world buried deep inside the complicated rules of each of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world?

Cost of patriarchy

We are celebrating International Women's Day at The Global Tiller this week by taking a look at how women empowerment leads to economic gains. If calls to human rights, justice and dignity have failed so far to convince everyone that women need to be treated equitably, let’s try making an economic case for it.

Held captive

This week in The Global Tiller, we check in on our furry friends to see how the pandemic has impacted those who were already in confinement before Covid-19, and whether or not zoos have outlived their relevance in this world.

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